Viral Videos
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Viral Videos

The ability for internet content to “go viral” is one of the most powerful marketing tools ever.  Indeed it is like a marketing atomic bomb.
While it is difficult to achieve a truly viral effect with a watch that appeals to such a small percentage of people, we do see network effects with our releases.  For example, we create our releases and time their distribution keeping in mind how they will go from one source to another in order to maximize their impact.  For example, HM4 made it onto sites like Engadget, CrunchGear, and The Coolist creating network effects well outside of the usual watch media.

For Tech Tuesday, I thought we’d look at a band that has become truly expert in creating viral videos: OK Go.  They have come out of nowhere and cemented themselves as one of the most popular groups in the world on the strength of their videos.

Everyone loves a Rube Goldberg machine!

And here is their latest, released yesterday:

What are the key elements that make these videos work?  They are both very creative, both extremely well done, and both done with a great sense of humor – all difficult to achieve and balance.  For a brand, it is a large investment and a big risk to create something like this, but imagine the fun when it gets traction and the views start growing exponentially!

  • The moment we received the HM4 press release, we published it on TheCoolist. What gives MB&F’s watches such viral success isn’t necessarily the timing of release, but how they produce those releases. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Maximilian Busser’s watches are so visually stunning to begin with, but the effort they put into sexy, detailed and distinctive photography pays serious dividends. Pair a special, unique item like the HM4 with such quality photography, I’d be a fool not to immediately publish it on TheCoolist.
    Here’s a converse example in the watch world. While they don’t compare to MB&F watches, I love B&R watches– I’d love to publish their new watches as they are released, especially the limited edition versions with nice little twists. When they release a new watch, they also send me a press email with ONE image of the watch. Nearly every time, I look for more images and come up with nothing. The way my publication works, I need to provide a gallery of images to allow the reader to really TOUCH the watch, feel its design and truly understand it. I can’t do this with B&R and many other watch companies. It’s a bit regretful on my end.

    So not only is MB&F one of the most progressive luxury watch producers in the world, their adoption of premier press treatment and glorious photography earns them a slot on TheCoolist every time a new model is produced. After a watch hits TheCoolist, and Engadget, and CrunchGear– then it goes viral! 🙂

    • Hi Mike. Thanks for clarifying, I thought you had picked it up from one ofthe watch blogs like Engadget and CrunchGear did! Thank you for your

      You are spot on about pairing a unique item with quality photography. For a
      brand as small as we are, pictures that give people the best sense possible
      of the piece are the biggest asset we can have.

      And yes, being on sites like yours and the big tech blogs are about as close
      to truly viral as we can get. We appreciate it tremendously!